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If you are a fan of only one team or one sport, this is probably not the site for you.  If you enjoy all sports and sports topics at a comprehensive, macro-level (or if you suffer from sports FOMO ; ) then this is the site for you. We aggregate sports news daily from hundreds of sources from all around the world – why get your sports news from one source when you can get it from all of them?   
Focus is on playoffs and championships or sports records and sports history. Then the most popular sports and sports brands worldwide. Lastly, emerging sports topics, especially related to women in sports (including complex and delicate intersex and transgender issues). It is well known that women’s sports get only 3-5% of media coverage – by aggregating this coverage, each daily edition of Sports Aggregated contains between 10-30% of articles about women’s sports (better than 3-5% but not quite 50/50 – there just isn’t enough women’s content).
If you measure by the Olympics, men have a sports head start on women by 2,676 years.  That said, we believe that female athletes and their supporters need to be a bit tougher when people talk shit about women playing sports because that comes with the territory and it will only make you better.  On the contrary, we also believe that women’s sports haters need to back off a bit, I mean come on, that’s a pretty hefty head start.  It’s scientifically proven that sports is good for everyone so we shouldn’t be having a constant gender pissing contest, we should all support each other and only talk trash where and when necessary. 
Speaking of talking trash and supporting women’s sports, ESPN, the so-called “Worldwide Leader in Sports”, relegates women to it’s sub-site “ESPNW” which hardly anyone ever visits.  We think this is totally sexist, and that you should get your sports news from us instead.
Love Athletes. Love Sports.



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